Itunes Plugin


Fractogroovalicious iTunes Plugin  v.2.0

Fractogroovalicious is a plug-in for iTunes that renders julia fractals in real time which react to music.

IScrobbler  v.1.2.1t1

iScrobbler is an iTunes plugin that monitors the songs played on iTunes and creates reports about different users' tastes and how often a certain song or artist is played.


QuickTunes  v.2.3

QuickTunes is an easy to use, easy to run, iTunes plugin.

Ultragroovalicious  v.1.3

With its unique eye-melting OpenGL 3D effects, the Ultragroovalicious iTunes plugin explodes the Mac OS X visualizer scene with fresh new styles unlike any before.

Dictare  v.0.2

Dictare is an iTunes plugin which allows control of iTunes playback via a foot pedal (or the keyboard), no matter which application is active so that you can control iTunes playback while typing in a word processing document, for example.

Ultragroovalicious iTunes Visualizer  v.1.1

Ultragroovalicious iTunes Visualizer rocks the visualizer scene with in unique smooth OpenGL effects.

Myriad music plugin  v.5.1

The Myriad Music Plug-In enables you to build Web pages in which music will be played, displayed, printed, saved.

Knowbody TuneIT  v.3.0.2

Have you ever listened to ITunes while you work in InDesign?

TuneBar  v.3.3

Control iTunes - Anywhere, Anytime TuneBar is a easy to use application that allows you to access iTunes through any application on your computer.

SonicSwap myTunes  v.2.0.0

myTunes makes it easier to control iTunes and enjoy your music.

PearLyrics  v.0.2

Ever wanted to take a closer look at those incredibly beautiful lyrics of the song currently playing in iTunes?

IEatBrainz  v.1.06

About iEatBrainzThis program takes songs that you ve chosen in your iTunes Library, that have incorrect or missing information for Title, Artist or Album , and then uses the sound of each song to match it with the correct information maintained in th

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